Chance Progress Report 2010-2012

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Project #4: Emmanuel Orphanage, Haiti


For our fourth project, Chance Foundation (Charitable Registration 81751 9069 RR0001) is very excited to contribute to another very worthwhile cause. In partnership with Jeremie’s Children, Christiane Malenfant, and Amigas (Ottawa) we have been working with the Emmanuel Orphanage in Jeremie, the capital city of the province of Grand’Anse in Haiti. The Emmanuel Orphanage, which supports over 50 orphans, was operating out of a building with sub-par living conditions due to a lack of better options.

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Project #3: Having fun in Ottawa!


Chance Foundation has several ongoing Ottawa-based projects. (1) Chance has been revamping a park in the Ottawa area that needed some attention. After some consultation with the City of Ottawa, it was decided that Bingham Park in Lowertown (145 Cathcart St.) was a good candidate. To this end, Chance has joined forces with the Lowertown Community Association to make this dream a reality. (2) Chance has partnered with the Eastern Ontario Resource Center (EORC) in order to to fund several summer programs for youth at risk in Trapper Park. The Chance kids camps are important youth initiatives aimed at increasing access to recreational activities and engaging youth in efforts that  promote empowerment and personal safety and awareness. (3) Chance partnered with the Max Keeping Foundation to support families in need, ensuring that their children can partake in extra-curricular activities such as hockey, soccer, gymnastics, etc. Additionally, every year Chance raises money for the Max Keeping Foundation Bowl-A-Thon in support for every child’s right to recreational activities.

Visit our Ottawa Project page to learn more.

Project #2: Chance Preschool, Nicaragua


For its second project Chance decided to partner with SchoolBox Inc. SchoolBox has a rich history of making a differenc e in Central America, and to-date has built 28 classrooms, delivered 33,861 education packages, and has 247 international volunteers. In May 2010, Chance proudly presented SchoolBox with a donation for the Brett Bentley Crawford School in La Primavera, Managua, Nicaragua. Chance had committed to raising the funds for a Pre-School which will be built adjacent to the elementary school that SchoolBox is building. The Brett Bentley Crawford school will help to serve more than 620 school children each year and provide 111 children with desks and chairs.

Visit our Nicaragua Project page to learn more.

Project #1: Oscar Jandl Hospital, Ecuador


For our first project, the Chance committee chose to raise enough money to ship $250,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to the Oscar Jandl hospital in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Visit our Ecuador Project page to learn more.