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Creating a partnership with Chance Foundation benefits the world’s most important asset – children. Partners and sponsors support our mission and vision in a variety of ways. Here is how you can get involved.


Shop at any Rona in Ottawa, Canada

Chance Foundation is thrilled to announce a new partnership with RONA! Present this card at ANY RONA in Ottawa and you will get a 5% discount and RONA will donate 5% of the total purchase to Chance Foundation. All you have to do is 1) print the card or save it on your phone, 2) present at ANY Rona in Ottawa, 3) use the “special services” cash (i.e. cash #1), and 4) show it to the cashier before purchase! You may also use the card when phoning-in larger orders, simply quote the the account number “CFO.”


Purchase a pendant for charity – A Story of ‘Light’

In partnership with Karen A. Thomas, we are pleased to offer the “Light of Mine” Pendant. When you purchase a pendant, $5 is donated to Chance Foundation. May this pendant bring out the light within you!

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Karen’s Story of ‘Light’: A few years back Karen A. Thomas decided to work with aluminum wire. She didn’t have any idea as to what she was going to design, and was just curious about working with this particular material. She wanted to see how it would bend—how it would feel. As she worked on wrapping the wire and creating different designs, one piece in particular evolved. When she saw what it represented she knew that it was special. With that thought in mind she decided it would be the perfect piece for fundraising. Unsure of who to approach at that particular time, she left it to sit on her table for a year. The more that she looked at this piece, the more special it became. You see, she couldn’t duplicate the design no matter how she tried. Each piece of moulded wire was different from the last. The more she made, the more unique they became.

To Karen, they represent people—individuals, like each one of us—unique. Although people may come from similar backgrounds, no two are one hundred percent alike. Adding the crystal was her “ah-ha” moment. It made her realize something that she has always believed: Each and every one of us has a light within; a light unique to who we are. It is there to shine brightly. It is not something we should shy away from, or diminish. It is a spark that can bring out the light in others. It is our smile, our kindness, the gentle touch of a hand or the warmth of a hug. It’s there the day we are born and remains until our last breath.

Today, Karen has the wonderful opportunity to partner with the Chance Foundation. As with everything in her life, there is a purpose. Now she can share the “Light of Mine” Pendant with you. When you purchase a pendant, $5 is donated to Chance Foundation who will ensure children around the world have a better life and the opportunity to be a kid. May this pendant bring out the light within you!


Everyday Superheroes

Everyday superheroes, written by Natasha Grey and Susan Sullivan, is a children’s book aimed at teaching children everywhere that there is a Superhero within us all! Chance Foundation is dedicated to “empowering children worldwide” and we believe this book has a powerful message in pursuit of this aim. Consequently, we have teamed up with Mrs. Grey and Mrs. Sullivan to spread the message to all children that they have the capacity to achieve their goals and be the best they can be. You can be part of this movement by purchasing and helping us promote Everyday Superheroes. Part of the proceeds are directed towards Chance Foundation. Purchase your book here and follow Everyday Superheroes on Twitter and Facebook.


Become a Digital Volunteer

Chance Foundation has partnered with Opinions4Good (op4g) which is a non-profit market research company. Op4g will receive a client request for market research and they email surveys to Op4G members who meet the client’s desired demographics. Depending on the length and difficulty of the survey, they offer members $1 – $20 for completion. However, of those earnings, they ask that members donate at least 25% to a non-profit of their choice (as much as 100% may be donated). Members can choose from our existing list of non-profit partners or recommend a new non-profit.

Thus, with every survey completed, both the members and non-profit partners accrue earnings. These earnings are tracked in members’ profiles, as well as in the Op4G database. Then, every quarter, Op4g sends a check to all members that have earned over $20 and all non-profits that have earned over $250. Any funds that do not exceed this threshold simply roll over into the next quarter.

Please sign up for Opinions4Good (all personal information is confidential, ~20 min to fill in your information) and become a “digital volunteer” for Chance Foundation!


Become a Sponsor

To become a sponsor at our next charity event, please visit our Event Calendar to find out when we are hosting our next event. In addition, please view our sponsorship levels page for more details.

Being a CHANCE sponsor means that 100% of your donation will go towards meeting our project goals. There are four levels of sponsorship; the presenting sponsor ($5,000), platinum sponsors ($2,500), gold sponsors ($1,500) and bronze sponsors (goods & services).

For more information or to obtain a sponsorship package, please contact us.


Host a CHANCE Event

If you are interested in hosting an event to benefit a CHANCE project, we are always looking for fun, creative ideas for our next fundraising event. Hosting a CHANCE event gives you the opportunity to become a special guest member of our team. CHANCE will support you every step of the way, from planning to execution.

Please share your ideas with Chance Foundation, please contact us!


Attend a CHANCE Event

Attend one of our events as a volunteer or a guest. CHANCE’s door is always open to volunteers who want to help make our events and projects a success. Come lend us a hand or just have fun with friends and family and make a difference in the lives of children.

To attend our event as a guest, visit our Event Calendar for details and please contact us for tickets.


Donate Auction Items

Thanks to the many generous donations – the live and silent auctions have proven to be the highlight of the Chance gala.  These auctions are integral to Chance’s success in raising funds to support our initiatives. Please consider donating products, services, or anything else you would like to be the one to bid on at an auction.  We are looking for both small and large items.  The following is a list of the types of things that have been donated in the past:

§  Gift baskets

§  Event tickets

§  Greens fees and driving range tickets

§  Business services

§  Weekend getaways for two

Please contact us to donate an auction item!


Propose a project

Chance Foundations’s vision is to empower children by focusing our projects on three key areas of child welfare: health, education and recreation. As such, each one of our projects is geared towards one of these key areas on a rotational basis. For our first project, we delivered over $250,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to a hospital in Ecuador. Our second project focused on education by raising funds to build a preschool for children in Nicaragua. Our third project promoted recreation by supporting extra-curricular activities for children (e.g. hockey, soccer, gymnastics, etc) and revamping Bingham park in Lowertown.

Chance is always looking for new partnerships and project ideas. If your charity is in need of support or if you know of a project that would benefit from a partnership with Chance, our door is always open!


To share your creative ideas, host a CHANCE event, obtain detailed information about sponsorship packages, donate auction items, or to offer your services as a volunteer, please contact: Shannon Tessier, President, CHANCE Foundation, Email: