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Your donation to Chance Foundation is timeless and will benefit the lives of generations of children. We at Chance Foundation thank you. More importantly, the children thank you. And that’s really who it’s all about.

Click the donate button above to purchase your tickets to our ‘A Taste of France’ event held on Sunday, August 12, 2018! Tickets are $50/person.


There are several ways to donate to Chance Foundation: 1) Become a Digital Volunteer. This allows you to complete surveys and donate your earnings to Chance Foundation. Please sign up for Opinions4Good and help us raise money without ever opening your wallet! To learn more, please visit our Get Involved Section. 2) Purchase and help us promote the children’s book “Everyday Superheroes” which is aimed at teaching children everywhere that there is a Superhero within us all. Part of the proceeds are directed towards Chance Foundation. Purchase your book here and visit our Get Involved Section to learn more. 3) Shop at any Rona store in Ottawa, Canada. Download your 5% discount card here and visit our Get Involved Section for more details. 4) Donate funds directly to Chance Foundation by clicking the “Donate” button above.

In Honour of Dale Dredge JONES (Jan. 4, 1934 – Jan. 28, 2015). Surrounded by love, Dale passed away peacefully at home. Chance Foundation would like to recognize Dale as a devoted spouse, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and mentor to many people. He will not only be remembered as a huge sports enthusiast and coach, but also as a great strategist and leader.  His passion lives on in all of us, as we continue to make a difference in the lives of children. Donations can be made in his memory to Chance Foundation by clicking the “Donate” button above.