Education Projects


Chance Foundation envisions a world were all children have the opportunity to attend school. We believe that education is one (of three) pillars which are critical to improving the well-being of underprivileged children worldwide. In pursuit of this goal, Chance Foundation funds and/or leads education-centered projects which are classified as follows; 1) building and/or adding to existing infrastructure in institutions such as schools or other educational facilities, 2) providing educational supplies and/or operational costs to educational facilities in need, 3) ensuring all children have the means to attend school by providing funds for tuition, school supplies, transportation, uniforms, etc., and 4) funding after school programs and/or youth drop in centers which promote educational activities and provide resources for personal/career development.    We have several completed and ongoing education-centered projects both locally (Ottawa, Canada) and abroad, as outlined below.


Tumaini Children’s Project (Nyanza, Kenya)

Chance Foundation has joined forces with Tumaini Children’s Project (TCP). Founded in 2006, The Tumaini Children’s Project is an international youth-focused, non-profit organization (registered Canadian charity) that provides hope and opportunity to orphaned children in Nyanza, Kenya, some of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. TCP supports these kids by caring for them, educating them and implementing sustainable development projects. Chance Foundation will provide funds to ensure orphaned children can attend highly reputable boarding schools where they will receive a first-class education, live in a safe and positive environment, and have access to the healthcare necessary to manage their disease.

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Chance Preschool (Managua, Nicaragua)

For its second project, Chance Foundation partnered with SchoolBox Inc. In May 2010, Chance Foundation proudly presented SchoolBox with a donation for the Brett Bentley Crawford School in La Primavera, Managua, Nicaragua. Chance had committed to raising the funds for the Chance preschool which was built adjacent to the elementary school. The Chance preschool, opened in December 2012, provides a safe place for hundreds of children every year to receive an education. Chance continues to provide annual support to each child enrolled at the preschool through the provision of educational packages.


Several years ago, the Brett Bentley Crawford School in Managua, Nicaragua was started by a group of Christian women so that children in their squatter community would have the opportunity to learn to read and write. In the early days, classes were held in an open air building with walls made of salvaged scrap metal. In 2009 it was decided that a more permanent solution was needed. Subsequently, SchoolBox Inc. and Chance partnered to build a new building for the children of the Brett Bentley Crawford School.

Construction began on Saturday, October 27, 2011 when the first stone was laid in a special ceremony. In December 2012, we opened the Chance Pre-school in Managua, Nicaragua to provide a safe place for hundreds of children every year to receive an education.

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