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Chance Foundation envisions a world were all children have the opportunity to play and be a kid. We believe that recreation is one (of three) pillars that are critical to improving the well-being of underprivileged children worldwide. These recreational activities assist children at risk by promoting empowerment, self-esteem, personal safety, and awareness, while nurturing independence, leadership, social skills, adventure, and environmental awareness. In pursuit of this goal, Chance Foundation funds and/or leads recreation-centered projects which are classified as follows; 1) building and/or adding to existing infrastructure in physical recreation facilities such as parks, sports facilities, or similar recreational grounds, 2) alleviating financial or other barriers to participation in physical activities for children, 3) providing supplies/equipment to physical recreation facilities and/or community sports leagues, 4) improving access to camps or similar activities that promote child development , 5) funding after programs/leagues that promote recreational activities. We have several completed and ongoing recreation-centered projects both locally (Ottawa, Canada) and abroad, as outlined below.

Call for grant applications! Chance Foundation is looking to expand our work with local, Ottawa organizations that promote recreational opportunities. Please contact Chance Foundation President, Shannon Tessier, for more information and/or to submit an application for funding (


Dovercourt Recreation Association

Dovercourt Recreation Association is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our community through recreation programs.  While Dovercourt is part of the City of Ottawa’s recreation system, it is empowered to choose what programs it runs to meet the community’s needs, and how those programs are delivered. They are “A Community Working For the Community”.

Dovercourt currently has two well used and popular ways of giving children and youth with special needs or challenged socio-economic situations a way to access our programs. Our financial assistance program offers up to a 75% subsidy for those that complete a one page form that determines their financial need. Our last minute club provides unsold available spaces in all programs on referral from a social service agency the week before that program begins.

However, Dovercourt has identified a growing concern – there is a growing gap between these two initiatives. The financial assistance program empowers individuals to buy spaces during the registration period at reduced cost. This allows Dovercourt to adjust the number of spaces available by adding classes and instructors. The last minute club refers people to any open spaces for free, but only into available spaces, and as it is the week before program begins, Dovercourt has little capability to respond to demand. For example, Dovercourt received over 106 referrals for summer camp spaces, but were only able to place 36 children into available spaces. This is a success rate of close to 40%.

In response to this need, Chance Foundation will fund a new access point, which would allow social workers from Dovercourt’s referring agencies to apply for candidates who they know are going to require spaces in upcoming programs, to receive the monies required to register on receipt of the application. This would ensure that they had the spaces they require, allow Dovercourt the time required to increase programs where demand was present, and ultimately reduce the number of people that have been identified as needing service that are not accommodated.


Bingham Park (Ottawa, Canada)

Chance Foundation focused on revitalizing a park in the Ottawa area that had fallen in to disrepair. After consulting with the City of Ottawa, it was decided that Bingham Park in Lowertown (145 Cathcart St.) was a good candidate. To this end, Chance Foundation joined forces with the City of Ottawa, Lowertown Community Association (LCA), and Desjardins Caisse populaire Rideau Vision d’Ottawa to bring the park back to life. The Lowertown Community Association and Chance worked tirelessly to secure funding (through donor contributions and a City of Ottawa Major Capital Grant), and to survey the community for its preferences. After careful planning, Chance Foundation and the LCA completed the first round of major improvements to Bingham Park in the Fall 2013.


The first round of major upgrades included 7 benches, 2 games tables, and the Meteor Net Climber. In total the construction was completed in 5 ½ days and below is a list of materials used to ensure the play equipment and benches met detailed safety and accessibility standards:

  1. The play area was excavated to include drainage and a sump – 63,000 lbs of clear stone below sub-grade was used to achieve proper drainage and this was covered with a geo fabric membrane.
  2. In total 10 cubic yards of concrete was installed to provide footing for the playground equipment, the 2 tables and the 7 benches.  In weight that’s about 30,000 lbs of concrete.

iii.          12 tons of asphalt was installed to provide a bevel edge and base including a ramp to the new play area.  New asphalt was also installed to ensure a smooth finish between the existing pathway and the new concrete pads for the new benches

  1. 36 cubic yards of playground wood fiber safety material was compacted on site.

On behalf of Chance Foundation, we would like to express our appreciation to Dynamo Playgrounds and Robert Paiement for going above and beyond.

In the spring 2014, Chance Foundation made further improvements to the park through the addition of waste receptacles and lines games. On June 8, 2014, Chance Foundation hosted the Bingham Park Grand Opening to celebrate with the community. This special celebration was featured in Charity Village’s Unsung Heroes series. Presently, Chance Foundation and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) provide yearly grants for the Bingham Park community garden.

To learn more about the fundraising events which continue to support this effort, please visit our Events section.


Chance Foundation Tennis Camp (Ottawa, Canada)

Chance partnered with the Eastern Ottawa Resource Center (EORC) in order to fund summer programs for youth at risk in Trappers Park. The Chance kids’ camps are important youth initiatives aimed at increasing access to recreational activities and engaging youth in efforts that promote empowerment, personal safety and awareness. Beginning in summer 2014, children were invited to tennis camps wherein instructors provided lessons and equipment was taken home for use when the camp ended.

To learn more about the fundraising events which supported this effort, please visit our Events section.


Emmanuel Orphanage (Jérémie, Haiti)

In partnership with Jérémie’s Children, Christiane Malenfant, and Amigas (Ottawa), Chance Foundation has been contributing to the construction of a new orphanage in Jérémie, the capital city of the province of Grand’Anse in Haiti. The Emmanuel Orphanage, which supports over 50 orphans, was operating out of a building with deplorable, unhealthy living conditions since 1993 due to a lack of better options. Today the children have been relocated to a site with 4 new buildings, and thanks to Chance’s fundraising and detailed management of this challenging project, the orphanage has running water, electricity, washrooms with showers, a stocked outdoor kitchen, and a garden. Chance also ensured the kids were able to have fun through the installation of a swing set and addition of soccer balls. The next step will be to dig a well (for which a geological assessment has been conducted), with a pad and pump, to bring potable water right on site.


To learn more about the fundraising events which continue to support this effort, please visit our Events section.


Max Keeping Foundation (Ottawa, Canada)

Chance partnered with the Max Keeping Foundation to support families in need, ensuring that their children can participate in extra-curricular activities such as hockey, soccer, gymnastics, etc. The Max Keeping Foundation manages a program called Live to the Max/Play to the Max. This program ensures that children can afford to take part in sports, recreation and the arts by providing grants of up to $500 per sporting season, per child. Chance Foundation proudly presented the Max Keeping Foundation with a donation of $15,000 in February of 2012!

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To learn more about the fundraising events which supported this effort, please visit our Events section.